Tuesday, March 4, 2008

It's fun just having fun.

I took these pictures out of the window from our room.  My photography does not do it justice. It was really breathtaking.  The red roof part is the original hotel.  Two wings were added the Vanderbilt wing and the Summons wing (maybe).  The dancing was in the Vanderbilt wing, which is what you sing in the first picture. So we had to walk through our wing down through the middle and then all the way through the Vanderbilt wing.  It was quite the hike in heels.
This glass topped area is the spa and pool.  We never even went down there. Next year we really will have to make a point of remembering our swimming suits.  I think we forgot last time we stayed here, too.

Chris loves sushi.  This was eel and it was cooked. He told me that it tasted like Bar-b-q chicken. So I tried a bite. It SO did not taste like chicken.  At all.  But now I can say I've eaten eel.  Not that it matters.
On Saturday morning we went to a cute local bakery and the food looked so good I think we got it all.  Of course Chris had to check out the local real estate. And we both drank a lot of hot chocolate this weekend. It was COLD in Asheville. brrr
The reason we went to the bakery for breakfast was so I could go to this fun fabric shop.  I got some killer buttons, a rockin new thimble, and a fun book that shows how to make flower corsages and the like.  They had a bunch of them made up in the store and they were very pretty.  But the book was cheaper than even one of the pins, plus it was written by a local woman. So that was fun.  

As we were coming back to the hotel Chris said, "It's fun just having fun."  I said, "It's REALLY fun. Just having fun!"  So that became out motto for the rest of the day.
We sat by this huge fire in the main part of the hotel and had more hot chocolate.  At this point in the day we were winding down after trying on a ba-zillion different dance costumes.  
It was this guys job to go into the fire pit and throw more logs on the fire. Isn't it insanely big?

I'm really thankful for a weekend of pure fun! It was a-mazing. And the kids did great. They didn't miss us at all.  Heather is a ton of fun and they had a blast all weekend.  In fact, on Sunday we met them at church and I was a little worried that we would cause a scene.  I had it all pictured in my mind. We walk in, the kids see us from across the room, they yell out, "MOMMY!" and come running.  In reality, not even close.  The looked at us like, "Oh, you again. Hello."  Which is good.  We all had a great time and honestly didn't miss each other.  But were very happy to be with each other again. It won't be another 5 years before I leave my kids again. 

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mindy said...

Definitely scary! But in the picture of the two of you together (from farther away) it looks good. Congrats on the wins, and your hair style is AWESOME!!! I love it!