Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Day 3--Photo Challenge

So now that the photo challenge is official, I started to get nervous.  What am I going to take a picture of?  I tried a new bread recipe today.  It turned out REALLY bad.  Can you tell?  Uggghhh.  I was really hoping this wouldn't have to be my picture for today.
So I went outside and took a picture of this flower.  Not bad, I guess.
Then Bentley started washing his own hair in the bathtub.  SO cute! I found my winner!
He is discovering the bubbles.
And his belly provides a little modesty.
We have surprisingly good lighting in the bathroom.
good night!

The rest of the week I will be getting ready for a garage sale. Beware!

Today I'm so thankful that Chris is home from Nashville.
Yay!  It was only two days, but that is two days too long.


mandee said...

wo wo wait a minute-- a picture a day means ONE picture a day--goof

Kathryn said...

Bentley is so cute and I love the way all his fingers are spread out in search of the bubbles. Very well done Drea! I need to call you, Preston's family is in so I'm a bit busy, but I'll call you soon! Love you!

P.S. Did you get my email?

mindy said...

cute cute!!

Beth said...

Can I just tell you that everytime I see pics of Bentley i think he and Abram need to be best friends? SO CUTE! Abram is a bit bubble-obsessed as well. And I am trying the challange, but my camera sucks, so we will see.

Stacey said...

When I saw that first picture of Bentley in the tub I thought it was Chickie. I never realized how much they looked alike. Too cute!

In order for me to join the challenge I would need to actually bring my camera places. :)