Thursday, June 12, 2008

this post may self destruct...

So, back in November, I swore off TV.  This has been really great and we have really enjoyed having less of all that in our home.  I always get a lot more done when we swear off TV. However, on Super Tuesday, Chris brought these lovely bunny ears home...oh, right... rabbit ears.  Anyway,  I busted them out again to watch the Oscars.  And now, we've been using them for Saturday Morning cartoons, too.  That's pretty much a kids right of passage, don't you think?  Turns out Chickie is really susceptible to advertising.  She really wants those globes that water your plants for you.  And the bag organizer, and that thing that helps you lift a dryer by yourself. She NEEDS all of those things.
 I did watch one or two episodes of Dancing with the Stars.  But let's be serious nothing compares to So You Think You Can Dance.  And if the bunny ears alone aren't bad enough, I tried hooking up the VCR to record SYTYCD.  And I couldn't figure out how to do it!  Sad, I know.  At our house we are usually pretty technologically savvy.  It's Chris's doing.  And we have a Tivo, from when we used to watch TV, but we don't have service, anymore.  So it doesn't do much good.  And I've enjoyed not having TV so much, that I'm really afraid to even go there.

 As I was digging through old tapes looking for one to record on I found my old music videos.  Yup, that's right. I said music videos. No, I wasn't a pop star in Japan or anything.  I was 22 or 23 at the time.  Chris got us a video camera.  And well, I thought...what in the world do you do with a video camera.  The first thought that came to my mind was, "Make a music video!"  So I made some.  Just three at first.  There were more later, but the first one was the best.  
It was to Fleming and John's song Ugly Girl.  I was wearing red leather pants.  And a furry red collar thing.  

And as long as we are kicking it old school, technologically speaking, I took a picture of the screen.  I had super short hair then.  And it tempts me to cut my hair again.  
Just ignore the curling iron/microphone.  What do you think of my hair?  Don't worry.  I won't try to cut it myself!  I promise to leave it to the professionals.  It's SO hot right now that it's really tempting. But I don't know... I think I promised myself a while ago that I would never have short hair again.  

Back to SYTYCD. Have you been watching?  Doesn't it make you want to be stronger?  Do you stretch the whole time you are watching it?  Chris and I worked on a really fun Foxtrot yesterday! And we have been putting together a pretty great Tango routine.  But I was all about the foxtrot, because it's so peppy.  I love to dance! Especially now that I'm gaining enough control to be...uh, in control.  

So, questions, comments, concerns, about:
2. the virtues or evils of TV and how that effects you ability to get stuff done
3.  most importantly, my hair!


Sarah K. said...

I love love love the short hair on you. It is very cute.

Kathryn said...

Ok, soooo I NEVER watch TV until...SYTYCD. I love it and of course watched it tonight. I was glad who went home. I love that show and enjoy watching it. And no, I don't stretch while watching it (maybe I should):).
TV...I like the fact that we don't watch it. I think there is a lot of trash on television and don't want that in my home. The commercials, the advertisements, everything! I do let Everett watch PBS every once in a while. He loves Curious George, well he basically is Curious George.
Anyway, that is my take on TV. Sometimes when I tell people that I don't watch TV they look at me like I'm crazy. Or they look at me like, "What do you do with your time." But as you know there are so many other things that are much more rewarding to do with your time. Like reading Jane Eyre and freaking yourself out that the crazy lady is going to rear her ugly head at anytime.
Ok, the hair question. I love personally love short hair on you, but honestly I like both long and short hair on you. I would totally advise you to cut your hair short for the summer. It just makes sense with it being so hot. :)

Ok question, Is Mr. Rochester supposed to be a "Mr Darcy" type character? Rough around the edges, but secretly loves Jane. I can't tell and I'm listening to an old lady narrating it which makes everyone sound old and not attractive. :)

Kathryn said...

Another question:
Does the crazy lady play a major part? I think I'm going to have to not read this at night if that's the case. :) She creeps me out. I'm on chapter 14.

andrea said...

Ha Ha you are so funny! No don't worry about the crazy lady. But I will say no more about Mr. Rochester, that's a part of the mystery! That's what makes it fun to read. It only gets way way better. Trust me!

mandee said...

TV is fun--it is good in small doses. Especially when it's SYTYCD which is more motivating than an exercise video! I hesitate to give my opinion of your hair--things could be bad if the proper steps aren't taken. But i say-- let someone else cut it for you! It's super cute short and I never realized you had ever had it short.

Beth said...

This blog entry cracked me up!! I SO remember your music videos!! In fact, didn't we make one with the YW? And I LOVE your hair short (and long of course). But with this blazing hot summer I am thinking of getting mine chopped as well. SYTYCD-I love it, but always forget to watch it b/c it's on at 7 here. We don't watch a lot of TV and don't have cable anymore b/c we were addicted. Abram loves Sesame Street, and we watch Lost, but that's pretty much it.

mindy said...

1. I don't watch it, though I have before and liked it. I just can't get into those shows because they are too stinkin' long.

2. TV is a major time sucker. We cancelled ours to save money a couple months ago. But we download our favorite shows, and I've downloaded a few sets of cartoons for the kids--the best thing of all about downloaded TV? NO COMMERCIALS!! Noodle was somewhat susceptible to advertising, too, so I always would tell her how they make things look way cooler on TV. And about those water globes--I told her it's just as much of a pain to use those because you still have to fill them up all the time. Easier just to get out the darn watering can!
3. You are cute with short hair, too. But how does the short hair look curly? If it requires straightening every day, probably not something you'll enjoy. I need to get my hair cut & styled soon, too, but I can't decide what to do with it. So I do nothing.

mindy said...

p.s. Have Chris look into "torrent" for downloading TV shows. I just looked on and SYTYCN is on there. :o)

The Hinckley's said...

I think its amazing when someone can ban TV from their home. I haven't been able to do that yet. It's totally on me though, Derek hates TV. But what doesn't make sense is he wants a huge plasma ???, he says its for movies, but we watch movies maybe once a month...I guess its a guy thing. I would probably miss the news the most, but I definately would be fine with bunny ears again...I think. Anyway on to the hair issue. Short hair is easy to fix but you have to fix it, you can't just pull it up in a ponytail. I'm too chicken to cut mine. Derek wanted me to last summer and I told him I would, but I just couldn't go shorter than my chin. I've had my hair really short and I loved it. It was short for almost 4yrs but it takes so long to grow out, so it really is a big commitment.

Lori said...

Holy cow, can you post a few videos in their entirety?? That one screen shot has got me really wanting more.

I like the idea of no TV in theory, but I would miss The Office, Lost and Jon and Kate Plus 8 too much.

andrea said...

Ha ha Lori! I honestly would, you know I would, if I could figure out how to do it, unfortunately they are not digital so I really don't have the first clue. Um...maybe I can bring it to our next book club meeting. Actually, no. It's super embarrassing, I fix my shirt and that dumb collar thing every other second. Plus at one point I start to sing along and that's just bad.