Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Day 4: tacos for dinner

Only day 4 and this is what I am resorting to.  Uh, oh.  Like I said, it's garage sale prep week.  And believe me the tacos are at least better than the worms and crickets I found in a tackle box earlier today.  
Does looking at this picture make you sick after reading about worms and crickets?  I hope  not because tacos are the best.  Try this seasoning recipe. Yum

Speaking of tacos, did you know that I'm 1/2 Mexican.  Even though these tacos are not authentic...neither am I.  So that's ok.  I don't even speak Spanish, sadly.  When my mom was little the girls were in charge of tortilla making when they turned 11.  We went through our own version of tortilla boot camp growing up.  

Our mom's recipe (I'm not even kidding):

Dump some flour in a med bowl
Cup your hand and poor enough salt to fill just the middle, add it to the flour
Put three fingers in your baking powder and scoop up a little hill of baking powder.  Add to flour and mix with your hand.  Scoop out two or three little balls of shortening. Mix it up with your hand. I think we usually used one hand for mixing and kept the other hand clean.  Then poor hot water into the middle and squish it all together.    Then you roll it into balls, roll it out and cook 'em!
My mom makes the best tortillas ever.  Even my sister in law does a better job than me!  I am officially shamed.  Tonight's tortillas are courtesy of Ole.

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