Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dear Earth,

I made a pretty grocery bag just for you.  Happy day.




mindy said...

ooh that IS a pretty grocery bag! well done!

cally said...

I love it!!

Happy Day, Earth.

Merrida said...

ah! Pretty!! man...I really need to learn to do that!

Merrida said...

oooo! Have you tried making one of recycled materials??

Amber said...

Dear Drea,
you are the cutest! Happy Earth day!

andrea said...

Well, these kind of are recycled materials. If you count that I made them out of extra stuff I had laying around. Someone gave me all this canvas, she thought I might like to paint on it, but it's too thin for that. Someone else gave it to her. So I'm at least the third person to own it.

mandee said...

adorable--aren't you the cutest thing ever!