Saturday, April 11, 2009

sometimes things just don't work out

First of all take these "Easter Baskets"  for example.  Holy smelly mess!  What a disaster.  I used to make these as a kid.  The sugary string dries, you pop the balloon.  Cut out a circle and wa-la!  Cute basket.  Didn't work so much this time.  Does anyone know how to do these?  

And then poor Bentley and this super cute dolphin swing.  It looked cute.  He wanted in.  But it kinda freaked him out.  

Other than that all is well.   Egg hunting, candy eating.  Super happy kids, and etc.  Although, I am feeling a little homesick today.  For my old town where everything was easy and comfortable.  I knew people they knew me.  etc. etc.  We would go to Chris's mom's house and she would make a lamb cake.  For next year I must order myself a lamb cake mold.  Yes, I must.

Happy Easter everyone!  


Anonymous said...

Hi Drea girl, I know how to do those eggs. I did tons of them. Give me a call and I'll tell how
Love Darcy

AmyK said...

If you find out, I sure hope you'll post it! That looks like a super fun project!