Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

This morning we dyed eggs.
Chris got all Martha on us.  
Then we went to church.  I had a class of eight 3-4 year olds.  It was complete insanity.  I went running for help several times.  I always end up with too many things planned.  I guess that's better than having not enough.  I had this really cute cut out thing to do with the resurrection.  For some reason I thought it would be manageable.  I thought, "The kids can cut out some of it and I'll put in some relaxing hymns in to keep it reverent while I help them individually."  It was so idyllic in my head.  Yeah, right.  It was madness.  I had to enlist two parents for help.  And between the three of it we barely got it done.  Actually I guess we didn't even.  One kid didn't do it at all. And one kid we sent home with the stuff to do it.  Ha ha ha.  I should know these things. I have kids, right? Just not 8 of them.  How do people do it?  

We came home, Bentley fell asleep and I locked myself in my room with Anna Karenina.  I'm actually really liking it.  I liked Levin's thoughts on how physical (farm) labour is honest, real and makes you happy.  Anyone read it?  Is the ending good?  No, don't tell me.
After I recovered from church (oh, that's funny) we did confetti eggs.  We attacked Chris unawares.  It was very fun, as always.
I think my kids looked adorable today.  I meant to do a photo shoot with them for fun after church but we were all too exhausted.
And we grilled out and had strawberry shortcake.  Chickie likes hers sans strawberries.  
She's a nut.
I'm so thankful for my family.  And spring.  And Christ and the beautiful life He led.  I'm so grateful for His atonement as well and the peace that brings to me.


Amber said...

fun! I too intended to do easter pics sunday afternoon... the girls had to hurry and pull out their pretty hairstyles as soon as we got home from church to try out the hair glitter they got in their baskets. Stupid Easter Bunny!

erin said...

Looks like you guys had fun. Mmmm I love strawberry shortcake with extra strawberries please. I also know how you feel about planning things for Primary. It always goes so well in my head.

Sam said...

That's an awful cute easter outfit Bentley's wearing.

When you come to visit we want you take take pictures of us in our easter stuff. Mom tried but...well it's mom.