Saturday, April 18, 2009

so good

Can I give you the play by play of my day because it was really great?!  Ok. excellent.  
It started out with a run, a good one.  
Then I went to the temple.  I volunteered to do laundry there once a month.  And today was my first day.  I got set apart and everything!  (I realize that's a really Mormon thing to say and I kind of don't know how to explain it any other way.  They gave me a sweet blessing to do my job.  That's probably the best explanation of getting 'set apart').  AND I get my very own white name tag!  I was very excited.  It was so relaxing to have a few hours of QUIET.  Ah, heaven.  As I was walking down the temple hall with a basket full of white laundry I had this overwhelming feeling that I really belong there.  Something about doing laundry, such an intimate task, made me feel so at home.  The temple is so peaceful and so beautiful.  It was a really great experience.  
Then I came home to a newly painted kitchen.  Chris does an amazing amount of things when he's home with the kids.  I don't see how he does it sometimes.  And he picked out the color himself and it looks great!    I love the rockstars diary blog.  I had read about her going to gigi's cupcakes as part of her roadtrip.  The girl loves food.  It's too funny.  So since it's in the neighborhood we decided to check it out.  And while we were there well who should walk in but the lovely Gigi herself.  We had a quick little chat and she gave us an extra cupcake for free.  Thank you Gigi!  They were SOOOO so so so good!  We each got a Hunka Chunka Banana Love.  De-licious.  She said it was her best recipe.  I would have to agree. Although, I'm partial to banana.  And the Almond Joy was incredible.  The one you see here is the white midnight magic chocolate chip.  It's the only one that made it home in one piece.  It's gone now.  I brought my camera with me but not my CF card. How lame, it's a horrible habit I've gotten myself into and it must end.
Chris finishing off the Almond Joy. 
You think that's the end.  It's not.  But perhaps this post is long enough.  I shall save it for another day.

I'm thankful for today.  It was awesome.


Lori said...

My day is better just looking at photos of that cupcake.
I liked hearing about your temple experience too, that would be such a peaceful thing to do. Why doesn't doing my laundry at home feel like that? Maybe that's my own fault, maybe it could...oh boy, you've given me good thoughts to ponder.

Evaly said...

Okay, now i REALLY want a cupcake!

Merrida said...

OH I have heard about that Gigi place...gonna have to try it!! Just HAVE to comment on your photography!!! It really is so great...even these simple pictures look so good. You have such a talent!