Wednesday, June 17, 2009

rained out

Today was not the best day. boo. And I took my kids to the pool for a play date with friends.  The minute we got there it started to thunder and lightening.  So we took one little friend with us and headed home.  When we pulled up my neighbor was out running around in the rain with her kids and singing.  Have I mentioned that I LOVE my neighbor?  She has made living here sane for me.  She talks to me like I'm an old friend thank heavens!  Small talk makes me crazy.  She had gone to the pool also and gotten rained out. So her husband manned the hose and we all ran around in it.  It was so great!  Just what I needed.  To feel like a kid again.  Even just for a little while.  

My neighbor's name is Annie.  When I first met her she was outside redoing a chair.  I knew I had to introduce myself.  Then when she told me about her love for yellow and how she thinks it really is a neutral...I knew I would love her.  And she used to be a ballroom dancer.  How random is that.  She's quirky in a lot of the same ways I am.  A million crazy ideas running around in her brain, too.

I tried to take a picture of us but the camera fogged over.  It was super humid out there.  So this time you'll just have to use your imagination.  Just picture lush green everywhere.  Soggy underfoot.  Lots and lots of laughter.  Lightening shmightning!


Kathryn said...

I hate small talk too. I never really put my finger on it until you mentioned it, but so true. I'm so glad you have an awesome neighbor. The people around you make such a difference. My life has totally changed lately. I'll have to call you and tell you ALL about it! Love you, you're amazing. :)

Amber said...

hooray for soul-mates in unexpected places!