Sunday, June 7, 2009

summer, summer, summer time

My dad came to visit us right around the time of my last post.  Just for a few days.  But it was great.  My kids were total angels the whole time.  I kid you not.  No whining, no crying.  They were perfectly happy little angel children.  We did a lot of walking and riding bikes.  Got caught in a huge thunderstorm.  Just fun.  Every night my kids say what they are thankful for.  It's supposed to be something specific from that day.  But Bentley always says "Daddy and Milk."  Always.  Now, however he has branched out and he says, "Daddy, Milk, and Gwampa!"  They really had such a great time with him.  My dad is off to London now doing some really cool work that I can only pretend to understand.  :)  No really, I understand it, but I couldn't explain it to anyone else.  OK.  Now I'm embarrassed and I have to try and explain it.  He's a cultural anthropologist and he has started these plant clinics all around the world.  They help local farmers determine what bugs are eating their crops and what to do about it.  Is that right, Dad?  Anyway, they have really taken off and are getting some pretty cool attention.  He's a cool guy.  And I'm glad he's my dad. 

After he left I FINALLY did what should have been done about a year ago and weaned Bentley from his nightly bottle.  Then he got step throat.  Aye-aye-aye!  

But we are good now.  Back to normal.  Headed to Knoxville to do a family photo shoot with super cute Cally and co. tomorrow!  So excited!

You know even though the crazy summer schedule has totally thrown me for a loop, I think I'm thankful for it.  I needed a shift in perspective.

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merrida said...

I wonder if your dad and my mom know each other or of each other in a round about way.... My mom is a genetic engineer for crops (mainly cotton, corn, and rice. She heads up the research department for the largest cropscience corporation in the world, Bayer asprin. She deals alot with the bug grandmother actually invented round of the main chemicals to kill bugs in crops. The name he might know is Linda or Norma Trolinder. My mom, linda, just got back from Belgium. She's been there for the past 2 years transitioning the department to move to the states. Interesting that your dad does that!!..ok i wrote a novel