Sunday, July 29, 2007

Chickie Pics

Chickie got loose with the camera today. These are my favorites...the one of the dollar general add didn't make the cut! The one of bentley's toe really cracks me up.

If you look closely at this one you can see both a bit of foreign object and a small new tooth comming in at the top of his mouth.
Today I'm thankful for being surprised by people. It reminds me not to judge others. You never know what is really going on sometimes.


Favorite Uncle-NOT PRESTON said...

I like the toe picture too. It reminds me of some pictures grammy took to send grandpa craig after they got divorced. She had gone hiking with the kids and decided to only take pictures of their feet. She said people always took pictures of people's face's but never just people's feet. She thought she was really clever and grandpa craig was just really mad that the only pictures he got to see of his kids where there feet.

mindy said...

holy cow! he looks totally different (yet still amazingly cute!) than when I saw him. That bottom picture looks SO much like Chris!

Cute cute cute!

You know, David just got back from TN today, but not your part. He was there on business. Sigh....I miss you.