Saturday, July 21, 2007


Wow! It has been a busy week. We went blackberry picking (does this mean I have to make jam now?), to the zoo, to a benefit concert, had our regular "Edie day", and went to the library. I also made yummy bread, tried three new recipes, finished two audio books, got a significant chunk of Great Expectations read, and watched my favorite smart cartoon, Beauty and the Beast, with the kids this morning. Chickie got pretty creative this week doing an edible book review (inspired by one at the library), making paper eggs to hunt, dancing on stage with Jericho Road, and she also invented a game called the nasty(the use of this particular word comes from watching the English cuties Charlie and Lola) witch and the beautiful princess. Is that a lot? Maybe not. But we did have fun. I was feeling a little funky mid-week which prevented me from blogging. I'm really trying to deal with the amount of uncertainty in my life right now. Today I feel Great! I feel optimistic about the future. And Women & Money makes me really want to take responsibility for what is going on in my life. I'm not sure exactly what will happen with us, but I do feel optimistic because of the little things. Julia Cameron and Martha Beck both talk about Synchronicity. They describe it as coincidences that aren't so coincidental...or answered prayers. Which makes me feel great because if God cares about the little things, making even just one day go well, then who's to say that He is not that much more concerned about the big picture. And He must be cooking up something really great for us, we just have to be patient. Here are some of our examples of synchronicity that have happened to us recently: obsessing over the Parable of the Pickle and Liz's really yummy pickle sandwich and then finding a massive jar of dill pickles on sale plus a coupon left by someone else, really wanting and needing a haircut and then getting offered to trade babysitting for a hair cut (which I need to cash in, by the way!), Chris giving me two zoo passes and then someone inviting us to the Zoo that same day, Chickie wanting to make jam and someone inviting us to go berry picking and then giving me a box of canning jars, me really worried about my face and then getting a box in the mail with a whole skin care line inside, Chris talking incessantly about wanting to live near or on the lake, "I just want to be by water!" coupled with my incessant prayers for any opportunity that will lead us in the right direction and then Chris' good friend offers him a part time business opportunity that involves installing equipment on docks, both problems solved. Just typing all of those things out reminds me how blessed I really am. And even though I may not have total control, I do have total trust in my Heavenly Father. And I am learning from my own stupidity in order to make smarter choices for my future. Today I am SO SO grateful for a multitude of abundance in my life!

SO, one of the books I listened to was Eats, Shoot & Leaves; I have since decided that I really like punctuation, even if this whole post is fraut with punctuation errors, or this sentance for that matter; I'm going to go for it with gusto! If anyone cares to edit my posts with a red pen...please feel free I'm sure I need the help!
Note: I tried to make a cute mosaic as others have done. I'm not sure why mine is teeny tiny so here it is at the bottom. If you click on a photo it will take you to a larger image. If anyone knows why mine is so tiny please share. Perhaps I shall figure it out through an act of synchronicity.
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The best brother ever said...

Mom said that Chris had a job "working on the docks." I was completely confused and had this vision of Chris wearing a stocking cap, a flannel shirt with longjohns underneath loading freight off of a cargo ship talking about how great union benefits were. When I questioned further she said he was installing boat lifts. I laughed because that made a lot more sense than what I originally thought.

p.s. What are the pickle sandwhichs?

p.p.s. I like Suze Orman. I've never read her stuff but I've wathced her on TV and although she has a slightly disconcerting stare she seems really smart.

andrea said...

Very funny...I think Chris is "allergic" to flannel.

OK Pickle Sandwiches:
get yummy yummy sub bread
spread on the veggie cream cheese
layer on ham
layer on thinly sliced dill pickles
veggie cream cheese the top bread
put the top bread on the sandwich
cut slices
chow down!