Saturday, July 14, 2007

just another day

This weekend I am a mother of 4! Watch out! So far it's going well. Even after three crafts yesterday I still managed to get most of the house fairly clean. With four kids I felt that this was a pretty huge accomplishment. We made crazy crayons, and stuffed mermaids (chickie's idea). I also worked some more on my canvas rug to go under the dining room table.

Thanks for your comments on the last blog! I wrote two nauseatingly long blogs in reply. But I am an over thinker (you know, you've talked to me) and I was sick of hearing myself think. I do think the key to life happiness must be following your instincts, not being afraid to try new things and really just being very grateful for all of your blessings. Which is why we added that to our evening routine. I find I am a little too grateful for food most nights. Chris just rolls his eyes. :) I made some yummy bread this week and those magic bars. mmmm.

Today I'm thankful for Addison, age 5, who brought his own personal Porsche catalog to my house and told me the horse power and name of every car in there. It was very entertaining.

I'm also thankful for Heather Bailey's blog. I love seeing moms that get a lot of stuff done!


mandee said...

I am now starting to see that you are more like Martha than I thought you were! Love it! Sounds like you had lots of fun.

andrea said...

It's no wonder you doubted me, especially after the whole Gingerbread House Fiasco of 06. I think it was bad enough to deserve a name...don't you!