Monday, July 16, 2007

It smells like caterpillars!

Or is it just my imagination? Either way I thought it smelled of caterpillars this morning as I was finishing up my morning run. Maybe it's those loud bugs outside right now.

One of my favorite things about summer is that it makes me want to read. I'll chalk it up to childhood conditioning. Every summer when we were visiting our dad we would get a big fat box of books from the used book store and go camping...for what seemed like an eternity. Oddly enough summer doesn't really make me want to go camping. Although I do get the occasional craving for Tang and instant oatmeal. And I can't just read one book. Right now I'm reading....Everything Bad is Good for You: How Today's Popular Culture is Actually Making Us Smarter a friend let me borrow this, I thought it sounded really interesting, I'll let you know; Great Expectations because I've never read it and I need to read more fiction; and Finding your Own North Star claiming the life you were meant to live I read this a couple of years ago. I love it. It is so fun to read. Martha Beck really cracks me up. Plus I'm also listening to a book on tape Women & Money , I need some serious help in this area. Anyone else doing some summer reading?

Today has been a lovely day. We finished sewing the hair and eyes on Chickie's mermaid. Chickie and Chris made "drawings taped onto straw" puppets and we had funny fishie sherbet cupcakes for our FHE snack. Chickie took this pic of Chris eating his sherbet fishie. Sometimes she takes some great ones! This one makes me laugh!
Today I'm grateful for smart people who right engaging books. I'm grateful to be able to learn new things. And I'm grateful that according to Publishers Clearing House I am in the running for $10 mil. I spent a good 15 minutes jumping around like I had something to be exited about. Some people practice their Oscar acceptance speeches, I practice my Publishers Clearing House win. One thing is for sure. I will make a fool out of my self. Chickie said (while rolling her eyes), "MOM, quit shaking your booty!" I said, " I'm not. It's my celebration dance." And then I continued to jump around. Two things did result, I got a really good workout and the whole silliness put me in a really good mood. Especially since I felt I would be smart with my winnings thanks to Suze Orman.


mandee said...

Ok, I need the scoop on the mermaid--Ellie loves mermaids and she would love to make one. Maybe I'll just send her over, sounds like you are a pro with lots of kids and crafts--you go girl--lol.

andrea said...

Well good! Remember how Chickie wanted to make her a present? Well there is a second mermaid and it's for Ellie. She just needs her head sewn together and some more hair and eyes. And neither mermaid has any sort of top yet. Maybe thursday or friday. :)

brother man said...

Sunday we were scaveging for lunch (we had nothing) and I ended up eating a childhood throw back "peanut butter and brown sugar sandwhich" Wow was it sweet. Not what I remembered. Strangely it made me want equally sweet tang. I'm reading a book on the gmat. That's about it for my summer reading.

me again said...

about the summer. strangely living at the beach had made me hate the summer. I wish all the tourist would hurry up and go home.

andrea said...

That's funny. I can't believe mom fed us that stuff! (Sorry Mom)

mindy said...

okay, I've GOT to make one of those mermaids with Noodle. She'd love it! Did you make your own pattern? If so, care to enlighten me? She's been dying to do some sewing, but I'm so idea-impaired that I hadn't thought of anything she'd enjoy making. Please please please!