Thursday, July 26, 2007

Fixing Things

We have colds! How sad is that in the summer! Yesterday I was determined not to let it get me down! I tried every cold remedy I could find. I took my vitamins as usual, but we also took zicam, a silver supplement, garlic, and I also read that drinking hot water kills the bacteria in your mouth so I tried that too. I also only ate fruit and drank lots of green drink (until dinner time....then I ate a nice garlicky dinner). We are all feeling much better today.

And I feel so empowered for the dumbest thing ever! Our Xbox started flashing red lights and that is what we watch movies and pilates on. So, I took it upon myself to figure out how to get it fixed instead of waiting for Chris to deal with it. I called 18004myxbox and talked to a guy who thought I was a complete idiot (when it comes to the xbox i definitely am!) but he helped me anyway. He couldn't understand what city I live in....because of the southern drawl, I guess. They are sending a box to fix it and I couldn't be happier!

Speaking of fixing things; I have a habit of rescuing good furniture from the trash. One of the chairs (pictured alone) we have carried around with us for about 6 years. I knew one day it would look beautiful. And while I'm at it I guess I'll throw in the before shot of this room, also (above). If you look closely you can see the wallpaper border they put on the ceiling. We like to call it the drawing room...very Jane Austin. The ottoman was from my purple faze in our first home. I like to say that room looked like it was decorated by preteens at a slumber party. I probably have a picture of that as well, but lets not go there.

So, what do any of you do to keep well? I once knew someone who only ate raw foods and they never got sick.
I almost forgot... Today I'm thankful for getting better, books on tape, a good nights sleep, naptime, pumpkin muffins, lasagna, fresh bread, water! Can you tell I'm getting hungry I guess it's lunchtime.


Poorly furnished brother said...

Drea the room looks great. We have a chair that badly needs to be reupolstered (I have no idea how to spell that). I'll trade you gas money for your labor if you're up for it.

andrea said...

I wish...I don't do it myself. I paid someone.

Anonymous said...

oh well, I want the chair done but haven't taken the initiative to find someone who can do it. we borrowed an electric staple gun so we might try to do it ourselves. Wished we'd done it when we had a house big enough for projects.

Tall Tall Sister said said...

This was such a random thought...but do you remember when you made all those music videos when you were first married to Chris? I was rocking Everett to sleep and for some odd reason remembered those videos. I laughed for a good ten minutes! You crack me up!

P.S. Sometimes when I'm sick I drink red raspberry tea (herbal beverage). It makes me feel better. Try that. You can get it pretty much anywhere. Just make sure to look at the ingredients so that it doesn't have caffeine.

Tall Tall Sister said...

Maybe you could buy a book on how to reupolster(I can't spell that word either) furniture. I mean how hard could it be? :) Do you remember that old, ugly, hard as a rock chair, that we had growing up that Mom had reapolstered. We always had to put it against the wall because it didn't have a back. Oh, that thing was hideous.

Ok, just when I realized I could put something other than "Anonymous" I totally messed up the coolness of it by putting two "said's". Dang it!

Anonymous said...

We bought a book about a month after we got the chair. For a long time we couldn't decide on fabric. Then we just gave up.

andrea said...

It's so stinking hard...especially with little ones running around. Mom's amazing. I don't see how she figured it out. I would just pay someone. Look in the phonebook. It's worth the money...but only if you really like the chair.
does preston's family get sick often?
do they believe in garlic? Mandee's mom uses it and hardly ever gets sick.

Tall Tall Sister said...

Preston's family doesn't get sick very often, but when they do, it lasts FOREVER. Interesting huh? They do use a lot of garlic and a bunch of other voodoo.
Mom is amazing! I wasn't trying to dog on Mom...just the chair. :)