Tuesday, April 29, 2008



Adobe Illustrator is my new best friend. I love it even more than I love Edward Cullen (hehe).

Currently reading Jane Eyre as my penance for liking the Twilight books a little too much.  

But unfortunately it is turning out to be equally addictive.  I need to forgo real books in exchange for audio and maybe I could get my bathrooms clean.

As for the progress on the fabric design...it is going so slowly it is making me crazy.  I sat for a few hours and cried in front of my  monitor yesterday.  Which in turn prompted an embarrassing plea for help.  Hmm, really wish I had installed Illustrator first thing instead of last thing.  I think it will be invaluable in getting my drawings into a workable digital format.

I'm thankful for progress however small it may be.  It's better than being stuck!


mindy said...

We are actually going to be reading Jane Eyre really soon (we being David & I--he's never read it). I'm excited because it is one of my all time favorite books, but also a little nervous--will it be as amazing as I remember it being 10 years ago when I first read it? I was doing my study abroad in Vienna and I stayed up until 3 a.m. to finish it one night.

Good luck with the fabric stuff. & thanks for the call today--it really boosted my spirits.

andrea said...

You know whats funny. My dad gave it to me when I was 13 and I tried to read it several times. But I never got past the whole depressing childhood bit. So I'm very pleasantly surprised this time. I was tempted to try and read it while driving. Tempted...but I did not succumb!

It was great talking to you too!

Kathryn said...

I'm excited for your fabrics! You're amazing. I've never read Jane Eyre. I'll have to put in on my list of must reads.

Amber said...

I didn't know you were designing fabric!!! That is fantastic! I want to see some drawings!!!!