Sunday, April 20, 2008

Mr. President

Today was all about Chris (at our house anyway). His dreams of becoming President have finally come true....  Elder's Quorum President that is.  Watch out.  Our Stake President told him a leader is a teacher. And Chris said, "Good, I'll have them all dancing in just a few weeks."  It was a bit of a shock.  I had to apologize for laughing a little too loudly when the call was first issued.   If this churchy lingo makes no sense to you...basically what it means is that now Chris has a huge responsibility at church.  And if you need help moving give him a call...  All of this he does free of charge and I'm excited for the spiritual growth this will bring to our family. 

And just think, last night he was dancing around at the Gold and Green Ball wearing a pink T-shirt under his suit coat.  Everyone was asking where it was today.  Very funny.  

And look. I took a picture with a blurry background! Yay!
In other good news, Chris found my wedding ring.  Before we left for the beach I had thought Bentley dropped it down the vent in my room.  
Chris is truly my hero today.


mindy said...

love the pic! congrats (or condolences) on the new calling, Chris. Maybe a bit of both are in order. I really want a picture of the Gold & Green Ball outfit, though.

andrea said...

thanks--about the pic. He was just messing around with his tie and I happened to have camera on hand.

Amber said...

Welcome to the club of WOEQP (wives of EQP's) so weird to be a grown-up. It's like this seals the deal or something!

Whitaker Family said...

Just out of curiosity what is the trick to getting the blurring background? Any particular setting? It seems as though alot of my friends are trying to improve on our photography skills. It's definitely fun when we have such great "subjects" to photograph.

andrea said...

On my camera it is the AV setting. And focusing the little red dot on the subject. and getting really close. I think. Lindsay taught me so many things. I try to replicate what she showed me to do. But honestly, I'm not really sure what I'm doing. No big surprise there.