Sunday, April 27, 2008

Earth Day celebration

We got to spend Saturday with this little angel.  She is an absolute doll.  Even if her smile is illusive to capture on ...oops I almost "said" film.  What do you say now anyway?  CF card!
Charlotte with her belly primed for another "zerbet" as I like to call it.   Bentley is on the attack.
Chickie just planted a flower.
Ellie befriends a caterpillar!  That's right you heard it here first.  The bug that even Chickie likes.  A friend to even the most squeamish of girls.
Need anyone wonder why his nickname is Stud Bud, Studders, Studder Budder, and my fav Budder Smooch. This look says it all!

Ain't life grand!!


Lori said...

Your kids are so cute!
Congratulations/condolances on Chris's calling.
And boy am I glad you love Twilight.

mindy said...

so cute!!!