Friday, April 18, 2008

what we did

besides swim in freezing cold water....
Chris played a lot of volleyball with the guys.  Did I mention that we went with Derek and his whole extended family. Parents, brothers, sister the whole deal.
Chickie became fast friends with Kaylee, Derek's niece.  We had a lot of fun taking them shopping and to the movies.  
Lindsay took some really cool family pictures of everyone, of course.  More to come on that hopefully soon. Lindsay took THE most awesome picture of Chris and I.  This isn't it...but she did take this one on my camera.  Fun huh!
I had to get some while wearing this white trench coat that I am still very excited about.Lindsay tried to teach me some things on my camera.  And I practiced mercilessly on my family.  Even breakfast wasn't off limits.  This picture of Chickie cracks me up.

Look at B holding that little fluffy dog. So cute. 
I think I may need to stick with the auto pilot for now.  But I'll definitely be practicing. 

But seriously, mostly what I did was read the Twilight series.  Heather, Beth, and Katie were right. Totally addictive. I'm glad I saved it for vacation. But I should get a book light next time.  I spent two nights laying right outside a bathroom door slightly cracked open for light. So I wouldn't wake anyone.  I read the last book the whole way home. Chris wins the prize for being the most supportive husband ever.  He drove the whole way home just so I could read and completely ignore him. When it got dark I used my cell phone for light.  He's my own personal Edward.  
I didn't think Bella was stupid.  Is that bad?  I could kind of relate.... maybe I won't say in which ways....

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