Wednesday, August 6, 2008

breaking dawn

Anyone interested in discussing BD visit Book Blog for Girls.  Shauna set this up for us so we can talk about our favorite parts without spoiling it for those who haven't finished yet.  But I wouldn't go over there until you are done reading!


mindy said...

sigh...i wish I didn't have to wait to borrow a copy. though it's probably just as well since I really needed to finish Great Expectations for our discussion tomorrow, and no WAY I could have read that with Breaking Dawn in the house!

andrea said...

Ha--that's funny. I was finishing Great Expectations when my sister wanted me to read Twilight a couple of years ago. I thought she was nuts with all this vampire talk. And I didn't actually get to the Twilight books until a year later....which was actually just this summer, so it was just over a year ago. :) Both good. Though Breaking Dawn has much more of an urgency to it. AND it's a much faster read.