Thursday, August 7, 2008

farewell processed foods! till we meet again...

We made our own apple juice today.
Ooh, I never quite realized what a beast our microwave least we have a rockin' juicer.
Yum.  Doesn't that look pretty.
And last night, instead of my normal bowl of ice cream, I had steak for a snack.  WHY?  Well, I was really hungry after a day of only fruits and veggies.  WHY?  I'm hoping you all are sympathetic because this is the saddest story ever.   I have this horrible, no good, wakes me up at night painful, eczema on my hands.  True story.  And I only aquired it after giving birth.  At first it was restricted to the area under my wedding ring.  Now it's pretty much everywhere on my palms.  It's not completely repulsive, I don't think anyone really notices unless I point it out. And it does come and go. And more than see it I can feel it. BUT.  I am now trying trying to figure out if its some kind of food allergy, because the creams don't do jack.  So sad, I have to eat only fruits, veggies, and meat for the next little bit, and then introduce other foods one by one.  I kind of think it's yeast.  Which is sad.  But we'll see. Some places I've read say not to eat meat either.  Not that I usually eat much meat, but what is going to make me full?  Am I just supposed to chew until my mouth starts hurting?  And what about energy for running and dancing?  I'll have to check and see if I can eat some nuts.  That would be helpful.  Wish me luck with my investigating!
But seriously, I'm so thankful for all the beautiful, delicious fruits and veggies out there! YUM!  And for food in general (so yummy), and for our bodies being so smart to alert us of dangerous allergies by whatever means necessary!


mindy said...

I hope you can solve the eczema problem. I get sporadic rashes on occasion and haven't been able to track the cause. Happily they haven't flared up in a while.

mindy said...

Oh, and I wouldn't think white rice would be a problem--it's pretty benign for most people and not a common allergen. Rice with steamed veggies and some sort of sauce is a pretty decent meal.