Sunday, August 31, 2008

Dada Juice!

I hope everyone is having a great labor day weekend!  Chickie and Edie were at it again.   This time at a swimming pool.  They were definitely having the time of their lives!
They jumped off the diving board together every time.  It looks dangerous, and it was.  Chickie got her leg scraped up in the end.  But they thoroughly enjoyed themselves first.
Bentley also had the time of his life with his swimming partner.  When we left he kept saying, "Dada Juice!"  again and again.   I said, "Did you have fun in the juice with Dad?"  Bentley said, "yah!".  He refers to all liquids as juice.  That made us all giggle quite a bit on the way home.
I swam a little, but it was a little chilly.  Labor day weekend always seems like the end of summer.  Yay!  Good bye summer, hello white trench coat, long runs in the cool air, crunch crunching of leaves underfoot.  I can't wait to see you Autumn.


Kathryn said...

Dada Juice! Very Funny!

Stephanie and Rob said...

hey Drea! I found your blog off of your facebook page and I must say it's rather fabulous! I also have one here that you can read if you'd's not much and needs a ton of updating because so much has happened in the last month but yours has inspired me. It sounds like you guys had a fun labor day. Your kids are so adorable...maybe one day I'll finally get to meet them! Hope you're doing well!