Thursday, August 21, 2008


Yesterday mid-afternoon Bentley got a fever.  He seemed perfectly happy to keep playing and so I wasn't too concerned.  Later that night, I heard a very faint whimpering type noise, I thought it was Olivia waking up as she often does.  At first I ignored it and when the noise continued I went to check on her.  Turns out it was Bentley in his bed having a seizure.  I have never felt panic or fear to that extent before. I wasn't completely sure if it was a seizure at that point. I thought he might be choking.  I called 911 and as I was giving my address and an update on Bentley's condition he started to cry.  I was so relieved because I knew then that he could breathe.  It's really a miracle that I had enough brain capacity to make calls to get people over to watch Olivia (a neighbor for the immediate time, and grandparents for the long haul).  We only live 5 minutes from the hospital, which is why I chose to drive. I parked semi-illegally and ran in holding him, tears streaming down my face.  I was holding it together enough to not be frantic, to do what had to be done.  When they asked me his name and birth date, those were seriously the hardest questions I have ever been asked.  I said his first and middle name followed by the birth month and year.  It took me until he was calmed down and doctors and nurses working on him until I was able to think of the actual birth date.  Turns out he had a febrile seizure.  It is caused by a sudden spike in temperature.   He is perfectly fine today. No fever, nothing.  I have never even heard that this is something that could happen.  And he does have a greater chance of having them again if he gets sick, but other than that they pose no threat.  From what I can understand, only children under 5 get these types of seizures.  
When we got home from the ER this huge praying mantis was on the outside of the house.  When grandpa and grandma Larsen left he came on in.  I was taking pictures of him and he looked over directly at me and did his prayer pose.  I took it as a good omen.  This little guy came to pray for us.  I slept on the floor in Bentley's room.  As I was making a huge pile of blankets for myself to sleep on I realized that everyone of those blankets had been hand made by family members that love us.  I felt that love wrapped all around me as I lay there and listened to the most beautiful sound, that of my son breathing.  Of course I couldn't sleep.  Just lay there and listen.  
I feel complete and total gratitude for my children and their precious lives.  I put a big pillow down on the floor before I knelt to pray this afternoon after we returned from the doctor.  I knew I would be down there for a while.


Lori said...

Holy cow, I'm so glad Bentley's okay. I can't imagine how scary that must have been. I've heard about febrile seizures before, but only in books, never happening to anyone I know.

Beth said...

Oh Drea!! I am so glad that Bentley is okay. Witnessing a seizure is the scariest thing ever. You are such an amazing mom. We will continue to pray for you and your family. Love you!

mindy said...

I am so sorry! How scary. If it is any comfort, my oldest sister had a number of febrile seizures as a child and my niece had them as a child as well. Always scary, but no long-term effects. You will just want to be sure that anyone you leave him with is aware of the possibility and knows what to do.
((((hugs)))) to all of you! And we have a "pet" praying mantis right now, too.

Kathryn said...

We prayed for you a lot last night! Everyone did! Even little Everettino. We love you. Hope little Bentley is doing better.

One Happy Family said...

This post touched me because I've had a similar experience with Aden. Not as serious as a seizure, but still a waking in the night the Spirit telling me to go check on him. I listened and sure enough, somehow... his pillow was covering his head completely. This is when he was about 18 mos. But never before had his pillow ever been close to covering his head. Anyhow... I quickly removed it to find his little face completely pale. I put my hand under his nose to check his breathing. It was very faint. I then put my hand on his chest and his little heartbeat was so slow. Then, I guess as he started getting air again, his heartbeat increased significantly. I completely understand where you are coming from. Nothing in the world is as precious as our dear children. I am so thankful that Heavenly Father blesses me so tremendously by being entrusted with my little ones. How dear every moment is with them.

I'm glad all is well with Bentley. You are a fabulous mommy for all that you do. I think we're pretty grateful people, but experiences like these give us such a renewed perspective of just how blessed we are.

Anonymous said...


I finally tracked you down, or Mandy tracked you down. It's good to hear that Bentley is okay. Those can be scary moments. I wanted to tell you that Mandy and I love your writing style. You're very eloquent. Good to hear you guys are doing well. I'll have Mandy invite you to our blog, so you can keep up with us.


andrea said...

Thank you all! I am happy to report that Bentley is feeling much better. We had one more scary night of high fevers, but all is well now. I actually slept in my own bed last night!

Karie, thanks for sharing that story.

Trav! I'm glad you guys found me! I almost found you, but like I said I wasn't invited to your blog. I would love to keep up with you guys. My email is