Sunday, September 14, 2008

Bedtime Beethoven LIVE

Have I mentioned before that Olivia LOVES classical music?  When she was a baby my great aunt Jean got her a set of bedtime music Cd's.  My favorite was Bedtime Beethoven.  She has been listening to it every night for almost 6 years now.   Whenever I dare listen to the radio, flipping through the stations thinking, "Why bother!"  She yells..."Wait!  Go back!"  It's always to the classical station.
Thursday night our local symphony orchestra came to our little town's amphitheater and gave a free concert.  Never mind the rain!  Never mind staying out past bedtime!  Did I actually say that?!!  Yes! Bedtime is a big deal for me  because my kids are monsters without adequate sleep.  BUT, I figured it was worth it for this kind of a cultural experience.  Being outside was a great way for us to be able to enjoy the music.  Not having to worry about getting all dressed up and sit still.  No way I could have normally taken Bentley to something like this if it was indoors.
It was great fun!  A little wet, a little tired, a little bit more cultured!
Speaking of really great free things;  we made these fun kitties from a free pattern at wee wonderfuls.
MEOW!  I hope everyone had a great, safe weekend.


mindy said...

fun! and cute kitties! I got to work cutting out one of those kitties several months back, but I never did finish it. Maybe I'll get to it sometime. They sure are cute!

One Happy Family said...

You are an awesome mom! Wow. The bell on the one kitten makes it even cuter. If Olivia was ever in a fight at school debating who's mom was the best I think she would win. I mean- who else's mom makes such fun things? No one I know.

Stacey said...

These kitties are soooo cute! You really inspire me with your craftiness. I have sewing envy. You are one creative woman!

andrea said...

Ha Ha Thanks!!!