Saturday, September 27, 2008

bonding time

Chickie's break from school has been good for a lot of brother sister bonding time.  Unfortunately they were sick for most of the week. So a lot of the bonding looked a lot like this.  Zoned out on a movie.  
One morning I walked into Bentley's room and caught them cuddling a mutually loved stuffed animal.  
Good times.  Chickie was calling it "Meep" as she calls many things. Chris even had kind of a long phone conversation with Meep just yesterday.  However, this morning Bentley re-named Meep.  His new name is Ludlow.  Bentley is capable of making so many more sounds and words. It's very cute and exciting to hear what new and funny things come out of his mouth.

I wonder if my brother and I had any moments like this when we were little?

I'm thankful for my little brother.  They are preparing to have a new little brother in their home soon!  Not too much longer Buffy! Keep up the good work!  She is such a cute mom to her family of boys.

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Kathryn said...

I haven't looked at your blog in forever! You have been up to so many things! I love reading about it. Chickie is such a good big sister, and she is so beautiful! She is going to be a strong woman of many talents!!! Bentley is such a smart kid! I love the story of him drawing on the piece of paper and putting the sharpie back. So cute! He is a one of a kind. They both have an amazing mother...that's probably why they are so amazing.