Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What the?

First of all,  I didn't notice that the box of ice cream cones I bought said there were 60 inside.  I also didn't notice that the graphic on the front of the box said "actual size."  Seriously people, Could these cones BE any smaller?
Bentley didn't mind.
He ate two.  Chickie had three.  Between all the scooping and the amazing speed at which she scarfed hers down, I did not get a pic.  Sadly.
Second of all, did my daughter really just read me a book?  She even sounded out the word 'what'.  I am delighted and shocked all at the same time.  It's actually really cute. She is really starting to get it.  She sounds out everything she says.  SO great!

At her parent teacher conference, Mrs. Stedina said that Olivia's social and drawing skills are very advanced.  Her drawing skills are more like an end of the year kindergarten student.   ABC's and 123's are apparently a whole different story.  I do read to my kids A LOT.  Eh, at any rate, I'm just glad I decided not to homeschool.  What a relief kindergarten rocks!


Lori said...

Those are my favorite size cones! (For kids, not grown-ups, like me, just kids.) I wonder where Chickie got her artistic talents? Hmmm...

Stacey said...

I love the cone story!

And I am not surprised that your cutie daughter is advanced in social skills. She was always the kindest and sweet friend.