Saturday, September 20, 2008

fairy bride princess kitty

Probably the best think about Chickie's ballet class is that there isn't a dress code.  Not really.  So she can wear this frou frou tu tu and they are cool with that.  (At least I'm pretty sure they are.)  Other than that she's not too keen on dance class.  I kept thinking she would be genetically predisposed to like it. I finally admit that I was wrong.  
When she does love something it's pretty obvious.  Like dressing up.  They had a silly day at school on Friday to celebrate Fall break!  Yea!  It lasts for three weeks and I am really looking forward to it!  Chickie was so excited about silly day.  She talked about it and planned all the silly things she would do.  Some of them were a little unrealistic because she also has a deep and lasting love for comfort.  Comfort is her truest love that rules over all of her other desires.
In school art class she made a bowl.  They hand built little bowls.  They learned all about Mr. Air Bubble and his friend Mrs. Glass.  She told me in great detail everything that they did and how it was going to be fired.  It really is the most excited I think I've seen her get about anything in school so far.  I'm trying to make a mental note of the things she really loves as a child.  Being a fan of the Self-Help category, I am reminded often to do the things you loved as a child (or try to remember them!).
I have a feeling that over the next three weeks there is going to be a lot of dressing up and imaginative play at our house.  As evidenced today by fairy bride and princess kitty.
I must say,  I'm very excited about it.  
It makes me absolutely giddy.  And it gives me this warm fuzzy feeling that everything is right in the world when I have a little one completely absorbed in play. I love love it!  And it gets even better when there are two children enjoying play time together.   It's so funny when Bentley and Chickie pretend to be dogs and kitties.  I give them carrot sticks and slices of green peppers and call them doggie bones.  They gobble them up! Ah, it makes me laugh.

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