Monday, September 22, 2008

let the wild rumpus start!

I said there would be lots of imaginative play, did I not?  Today was "baby doggies" and the very messy, but very fun game of "we live on a train."
We live on a train involves tearing boxes up (some that should not be torn up) and spreading blankets and pillows all over the floor.  Then loading every thing up with sundry stuffed animals.  It's a very fun game, especially the part where you shout, "All Aboard!".
Bentley calls all animals by their sound.  Dogs are "oof oofs"  and when he says it he makes a very large round shape with his lips exposing as many teeth as possible, as you can see.  It makes me giggle every time!

While I was cleaning up after dinner, Bentley wandered into my computer room, climbed up to the desk. Found a blank sheet of paper in my notebook and a sharpie.  He colored all on the paper but no where else.  I walked in in time to hear the click of the cap closing and see him push half his body onto my desk in order to put the sharpie back in the little bucket he got it from.  Please tell me, is this kind of behavior normal for an almost 2 year old?  Because I really don't think it is!  

Today I'm thankful for my wild things and their rumpus (however mild their version may happen to be)!


Merrida said...

HAHA! You have really lucked out...well it's probably not luck. I am sure it is excellent child raising from the sound of it.

andrea said...

Thanks Merrida :)