Tuesday, September 2, 2008

funny fears?

I have been thinking about fears since my last post.  I don't like to focus on fears and feed their power.  That doesn't mean I don't have a big ol' closet of them.  I just don't like to open that door.
Here's one:  I'm afraid of posting my fears on my blog. 
I used to have silly fears when I was younger.  Heights, thunder, falling down in public... I don't think I have any silly fears anymore.  But maybe silly fears are never actually silly when you are really afraid of something.
Here's another one:  I'm afraid that there won't be any new foods that I'm not allergic to. 

OK.  Here's a funny falling down story, well sort of.  When I was in Highschool I used to run cross country.  For some reason I remember being worried that I would fall down at one particular race.  I kept whining to my coach about it.  Finally he said, "Look, if you actually do fall down you have my permission to just turn around and walk back."  I didn't fall down.  I also don't think I came in last that time.  Like I said, I love to run.  I never said I was very fast.  Does that prove the idea that it's always better to do the things we are afraid of? Hmmm.

My brother was very afraid to take his wiggly son on the Ferris Wheel, but he did it anyway!  He is afraid of heights.   But that was three years ago and I don't think he's done it again.  
I used to be afraid of sea food!! That's silly.  But now I brave it every once in a while.  Salmon mostly.

Do you have any funny fears?


Erica said...

andrea! It's so nice to hear from you (blogger style). You're kids are getting so big and are so cute! We need to get together agian. I miss you.

mindy said...

I'm afraid of people in masks. I've gotten better about it, but it still creeps me out a little bit to see someone wearing a mask, even non scary ones. Though oddly I'm okay with masked superheroes. I guess because they aren't PEOPLE. :o)

And & da boyz said...

So. I have become a blog-stalker. I hopped here from therealcruzes via cally. And do you know why? Because you are ME.

Since you don't know me, this sounds creepy. I just mean that we share the same name and name of spouse and we both have 2 kids and we both love Jane Austen and... Feel free to stalk me too. :)

Beth said...

SO what if you knew someone like "a friend" let's say, who had this fear if ever they spent the night at someone's house who had a cat, that the cat would sit on their face and suffocate them. And so one time in college they did spend the night with someone who's cat slept in the same room and the cat hopped in bed with the person and they (the friend) told the cat "You keep on your end and I will keep on mine." but the whole night they tossed and turned and never slept because they didn't want to get suffocated? I'm just sayin, that might be an embarrassing fear to admit.

andrea said...

Beth!!! I love you!