Saturday, October 4, 2008

a day in the life (sort of)

As promised, I started out Thursday with full intention of cataloging my typical day.  I woke up and normally I go for a run first thing Thursday mornings.  But this Thursday it was c-c-cold.  And I am extra super cold right now because I hardly eat anything these days.  So I was also less motivated to run, not like I have had any issues with eating one too many of anything in the last few months.  And my fall clothes are in storage, and I don't feel like running inside (excuses, excuses).  So in very UN-typical Andrea fashion, I started out my day by getting sucked into the vastness of the world wide web.  Shocking I know. 

Then I decided I'd better take advantage of Chris being in town for once and go get some stuff out of the dreaded storage unit:  
 Duh, duh, duh.   Intimidating, no?  Somehow, by miracle and a combination of agility, flexibility, and sheer stupidity I was able to rescue a few key items from the BACK, and BOTTOM of this storage unit.  I shimmied my way across the back of the couch and played life size tetris until I found myself at the almost bottom (I think I was one box above ground).  Therein lied a book that 3 months ago I would never imagined that I would need this badly now.  I also rescued out a salad dressing maker, two stuffed animals, my fall clothes, and a box of baby clothes for my brother and sister in law.   While I was down there I wondered if the boxes all caved in how long would it take Chris to come find me.  At least there was a lot of good reading nearby, but unfortunately it was poorly lit.  
I came home with my spoils to find this:
Then I find the book I am wanting to make and read over the instructions.
Is anyone still reading?  Are you bored yet?  If not just you wait!  It gets worse...
Chris heads off to work.  We get ready to go to the store.  Chickie and I both notice that we are all wearing black shoes.  Hey! Let's take a picture of that.  That certainly follows under the category of normal, mundane, everyday life. 
Bentley tries to take Chickie's snacks.  Chickie is holding onto the two animals I rescued from the storage unit.

Another try for me to get the picture, and for Bentley to get the snack.
Bentley gets the bag and runs.
try again
and again
Bentley is successful, I still am not.
Now Bentley wants the camera.
And he's off again.
He's gone.  I think, "Getting out of the house takes long enough anyway.  Am I seriously trying to document this?"
We do a little gluten free shopping.
I get home and make this granola minus the nuts.  I used a nut free nutty-rice cereal.  
The good news is that this is so insanely good.  Even Chris ate it.  You can eat it too, find the recipe here.   I overate for the first time in a very long time.  I was in total heaven, but wishing I had gone for that run.  And the bad news is I'm REALLY allergic to this granola.  Dang it!  Ah, well.  It was probably the dried fruit.  I was pretty sure that I was allergic to some dried fruit, but I was feeling optimistic. 
While I was cooking the evil witch Manessa came over for a visit. 
She stayed in character the whole time.  When she flew out the window, she left her clothes for Chickie to play with.  What a thoughtful mean witch!

There was also some laundry folding this day.  And some computer working.  Working over finances. That kind of thing. You know.

This post was ultimately silly.  I guess I am ultimately silly.  But for seriousness...I am going to journal it.  The silly and non silly of life right now.  And maybe next year I can pick up some clues of what I have and haven't been doing right.

This weekend I'm enjoying conference weekend.  I already feel so comforted!  I loved the messages of hope we heard today.  You can watch it online tomorrow as well on BYU TV.  Definitely great if you want to be inspired!

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mindy said...

Drea, have you considered seeing a homeopath? I have a couple of friends who have various allergies, as do their kids, and they have been able to work with a homeopath to seriously decrease the reactions that they have and increase their tolerance for the food. Especially since this has only been since you became a mom, it seems very likely ou have a hormonal imbalance of some sort. I would strongly recommend it.