Tuesday, October 7, 2008

a fun day for Chickie, I fess up

Heather told me that she wanted to spoil my kids so that they wouldn't want to leave.  I'm pretty sure it's working.  Last Friday Bentley was crying when he had to leave her and come back with me.  Today was Chickie's turn.
What little girl doesn't want to be a twin?  
Get her nails done?
And her hair?  Chickie and Riley were in total girlie girl heaven.
Aren't they cute!? (I took this pic above--the rest are compliments of Heather!  Thanks!  They turned out great!)  Hmm, luckily for us most of Heather's family lives in Nashville.  Unfortunately I was packing during most of this time.  The packing itself is going as well as can be expected.  I'm pretty much a moving expert at this point.  
I guess it seems like a total shock on my blog.  We have actually been working towards Nashville since summer of 07.  We've just been pretty tight lipped about it for once, an amazing feat in itself.  I just wanted to make sure that we got ALL of the details perfectly right because I am SO over moving.  And I'm pretty sure everyone who has ever met us is sick and tired of hearing us talk about where we might like to live.  Believe me, we explored every option.   I have also been studying a book my (very intelligent--you have to be smart to be married to an actual rocket scientist, don't you?) Great Aunt Jean recommended to help in the decision making process.  Lately, it has only been a matter of  when.   Meanwhile, Chris has been out of town for 2-4 days a week for the last month or so.  And even though he misses us, he is in dancing heaven over at DanceWorld.  And he should be, they are oozing with talent and professionalism over there.  We were holding out for this house to sell, but with the market like it is we finally gave up on waiting for that.  Even then I  have been dragging my heels because I didn't want Chickie to have to change schools during her very first year.  Into that mix, add my vague freak out moment and a lot of praying... and there you have it!  Intellectually it all adds up, and prayers about it bring me a feeling of peace.  Chris finally gets the go ahead from me.   Chris is happier than he's been in a long time.  Nothing is guaranteed.  But you know us, we're willing to take the risk!  


Katy Beth said...

The market is tough right now. We know it's hard enough to find something to buy or rent. I can't imagine selling. Things will work out though! I'm just glad to hear things are going well & you're finally able to move where you all will be the happiest.

Kathryn said...

That is the cutest thing ever! What a great friend. Um...hello, I'm your sister and I didn't really know if you were moving or not. I feel so out of the loop. :)
Well, after reading this I guess I'm now back in.

mindy said...

so fun!! I think I will have to do that with Z and a friend some day. I remember how much I loved being "twins" with my best friend in 5th grade (which now seems a bit old for that, but oh well!).

cally said...

wha huh? I want to yell, NO DON'T GO...but really I've only seen you once for a short 2 seconds. But we were supposed to be friends!

I guess the blog will do. Don't go.