Wednesday, October 1, 2008

time travel?

Before I get started, let me just warn you.  These pics are random moments from this week that didn't make their way into my blog.  They don't relate to the post other than the fact that they just do.  Be patient.  You'll see!

Yesterday I was walking down the street with the kids thinking that all I wanted to do at that moment was put on a long, stick-straight, glossy, dark-haired wig and some bell-bottoms and bust out my own rendition of "If I Could Turn Back Time."  If only I knew what today felt like back in March I would have encouraged Chris not to buy this house!  Sometimes being an optimist bites you in the rear.  Then today I had the thought, "If only I could see what happens from now until the end of the month, then I could just relax."  Later, I talked with my little sister Rose and she completely agreed, but for her own reasons.

  If only...

All was delightful on this outing with Grandma and Great-Grandma, until Grandma decided to GRAB a goose.  By the neck.  There were tears (from my kids) and hissing(from the geese).  She said it was so close she just couldn't resist.  That story really deserved a post of it's own.  OK. What was I saying?

And just a bit ago I saw this and then this.  I am not a scrapbooker (yet?).  This blog is as close as it gets.  But I love this idea. A scrapbook of life right now, be thankful for today.  Pay attention to today.  The mundane, the ordinary, the routine.  And I think I want to make an accompanying book that is a guess/wish list for what my life will be like a year from now.  Will I be right?  Can I make it happen?  Will it be as great as I think it will be?  Rose and I were talking about how fast time flies the older you get.  Yet, I still feel impatient for things to happen.  
I really enjoy certain bloggers who have amazing creative projects in the works. And they talk about how they have been working on project XYZ for x number of years.  Hmm.  I know we all want to be amazing and fabulous. 
I keep looking and searching for clues on how they make it happen.
Chickie had this duck eating out of her hand.    
Seriously, what has to be done to lead the life you really want to lead?  How much smarter will I have to get?  How much harder will I have to work?  
I used to be a total magazine addict.  Now I'm much more of a blog addict. I love it when people really share with you life and processes.  I love the reality and personal nature of blogs.  I love the teaching aspect of it.  I love looking for clues in the success of other's realities.  

The only reason a dancer would have bits of blue tape on the bottom of their shoes is if they dance in a "non-traditional" dance space. 

So, I don't think there is anyway I am actually going to make a scrapbook right now.  But perhaps a scrap-post.  Later in the week of life right now.  Don't you want to do it with me?  Let's find out, really pay attention to what seeds we are sowing in our lives.  Then a year from now let's see what we harvested.  Anything?  Then learn from that and start all over the next year with a little more insight!  Are you pumped!?  I'm imagining myself punching a punching bag (like in Run Away Bride) and I'm thinking of the old days when my friend Adria used to come over and watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  She always did high kicks during the intro.  I'm totally psyched!  
In case you are wondering...this looks like a For Rent sign, but what it really says is:  Nashville or BUST!!!! 

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mindy said...

Yeah, if only.... seems to come up all too frequently.

I just wanted to comment and say hi. I haven't had much to say lately and haven't felt up to commenting or blogging.

love you!