Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hello Nashville!!

To greet our new town we have been doing LOTS of exploring!
Partly to get to know our new town...
And partly to scout out future photo spots.
Photo shoot locations are needed when you are training for your NEW JOB with Lindsay!
Wish us luck!!  I am SO grateful to have this new opportunity to LEARN!! 

I am also so grateful that miss Chickie's new school experience is going very well!  I really didn't have high expectations at all.  Her last school was just so amazing.  However, I am blown away!  And we can walk to school since we only live .3 miles from it.  The girls in her new class shouted with squeals of joy when she was introduced to them.  (what a relief!)  AND the best news yet...we only live 3.5 miles from the temple! I seriously get chocked up every time I think about it.  What a huge spiritual opportunity! yay!

Oh, and one more thing...we rented out our house today! What a blessing and a relief (yes, another).   


Kathryn said...

Drea! I wondered how things were going. I can't believe you are in a new place. It seems so weird. I love you and wish you luck!

mindy said...

congrats on your job and also renting the house! what a relief! i'm glad chickie's school is looking good. yay yay!

Lori said...

I'm so glad you posted!! It's great to hear how wonderful everything is turning out.

Katy Beth said...

I'm so jealous about living so close to the temple! That's always been my dream. Maybe one day!! I'm so glad you guys are getting settled in alright!

Merrida said...

YEEEAAH!!! I'm SOOo eCitEd!!!YOu'vE beEn HerE AlmosT a Week and I sTill haveN't mEt YoU!! We goTTa fiX tHat!! HahA!!