Tuesday, August 14, 2007

artist me

I had a dream last night that artist me was lost and had several maps and was desperately trying to find her way...somewhere. Back to regular me perhaps. This blog is called another self portrait for a reason. There was a time when I felt like squidward with self portraits all over my house. I guess I was hoping other forms of art or self-expression would count as well. But I guess it's just not good enough for artist me and she is feeling desperately lost. Crafting is just so much more instant gratification. You can make a lot of things quickly. Paintings take longer. Paintings take hours at a time...which I don't have a lot of right now. Last Friday a man came to look at our house (it's for sale) and he was commenting on my art work. He said it reminded him of Alison Moffett's work...who I went to school with, and he had been the interim art director for a short while during that time. Anyway, to compare my work with hers is a gross overstatement...I wish. He was telling me that since graduating she has moved to Paris and become one of the 6 up and coming artists. So maybe that's where this dream came from, jealousy?

When I first was considering changing my major I was taking a walk around and peeking in studios. I came to hers and she was working on a huge rocket painting. There is no way I can really describe it. But it was cute. I was mesmerized. We talked for a while. And even through the years as her work evolved, it was really fantastic. Look and see for yourself here, here, and here. Mine never was. But maybe it can be if I keep working at it. I made great grades though, because I'm an excellent student. And intellectually I get it. Although, there is that special something missing from my work. But then again...isn't life supposed to flow. If it isn't really working in one area then doesn't that mean that you haven't quite nailed down where exactly you are supposed to be?
And then there is the wii. We have been playing Brain Academy. After you take a test it tells you what job you would do well at. I have gotten: Investor, Doctor, Meteorologist, Consultant, and finally Fortune Teller. Chris has gotten: Improve actor, musician, fashion stylist, and fortune teller. And his grade is so much higher than mine. I can't wait to take this game and play it with the rest of my family and see what everyone else gets. But if I plan my future according to the all powerful wii....then art is apparently not my strong suit.
Today, I'm thankful for finding a fun new blog to read. Thanks, Mandee.


sarah (frank) gharib said...

loved reading this andrea!!

mandee said...

One more blog to read just means even less time to paint--hum think about that. I have more blogs if you need them. Yes I said 'need' sometimes we just need to do something different for a little while. I like to think of how they say at church "this just isn't your 'season'". Such a funny thing to say, but so true. i.e. today is not my season to iron like I should be, so I am reading lots of blogs--makes me feel busy even though I am just sitting here on my duff. I'm happy and that's all that matters! lol

Tall Tall Sister said...

Andrea, I don't know why but I totally know where you are coming from. It's like it calls to you. How dumb does that sound? I have always felt the need to do something with music and every time I do it feels right. Like that's where I'm supposed to be. But then I feel so inadequate, that when people give me compliments I feel like they are doing me a favor. It's like you want to be great, but you don't know how. And what if you put yourself out there and people think that your're mediocre when you tried so hard to be amazing. So here is what I decided. You are amazing, and I'm saying that to do you any favors, and I'm not blind to your art just because I'm your sister. You have to be true to yourself. If that's what "calls" to you that's what you do. I used to think that I had to do something with music at a certain time in my life. That's not true I still have time. I have time to improve myself, to be a Mom and enjoy my life. The music will come when I'm ready for it to. Your great day in being an Artist will come. I know it!

Tall Tall Sister said...

Ok so when you read it's supposed to say..."and I'm not saying that to do you any favors". How funny! Don't type with a child climbing over you.

andrea said...

Thanks guys! your comments make me smile. Hi Sarah!