Friday, August 31, 2007

Movie Night

The first night we were all together on vacation we had a fun cookout and movie night outside with an old fashioned film projector. Mom got the idea from Martha Stewart, I think. They have been doing it for a few years now. Dad even made a huge movie screen. They order movies online. We watched Underdog and a Tom and Jerry cartoon. Aren't my nephews cute!

Later, when we were all inside scratching at our mosquito bites, Rose was sitting at the table with aspirin and a cup of water. She rubbed a wet aspirin on each of her bug bites and several days later I still had all of mine but all of hers were gone. It worked so well, I thought it was worth sharing.

So what fun things do you all do as a family?



Brother Man said...

Every Thursday we have movie night. It's our new tradition that we started six weeks ago. We get a movie from the video store or Netflicks, pizza from Little Ceasers, and salad and soda from Food Lion. It's great fun and not very expensive. Plus Thursday's the perfect day because it's such a hybrid day-almost the weekend so you want to do something fun-but still during the week so you're sick of cooking dinner and busy and such. The first time we did it I got pizza from this fancy place down in Nags Head (mainly 'cause I was working down there that day). Then I realized I'm an idiot. When you're getting cheese pizza for a 5 year old and 2 year old there's no reason to spend $40. Little Ceasers is awesome. And I love their cheesy bread. We get one cheese and alternate the other one between what different people like: bacon and onion, hawaiian, peperoni, mushroom and green pepper. All right well my comment is already as long as movie night so I'll quit now.

Brother Man said...

I'd never seen a picture of mom by kekiel before. They sure do look a lot a like. Crazy!

paris parfait said...

Great photos of your movie night - and what a fun thing. Thanks for the tip about rubbing mosquito bites with aspirin.

andrea said...

Thanks Paris Parfait for looking around!