Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Headline News

There is nothing like seeing your house on the front page of the local paper with the words "housing market appears to be in a free fall." At least they must have picked our house because it looks like a slice of Americana, flag and all.

Other than that today has been really fun. I ran in the opposite direction today...shocking, I know. That is how I ran across the paper in the first place. I came home, showered, and got ready and dressed in a fresh pair of pajamas. Then I started making my fun wallet from Amy Butler's book In Stitches. She gives really great instructions. I'm excited. It should be fun.

Today, I'm thankful for pajamas!


Anonymous said...

Drea, I am so glad you back to blogging I missed reading your blogs while you were vacating!!

mindy said...

free advertising for your house can't be too bad, though. Why are you selling? Was that the plan all along? I love your house, and you guys have done such a great job with it. I don't suppose you are moving to Utah? *wink*

andrea said...

No, it wasn't the plan at all. We just really need to downsize what with the dance studio closing and all. Plus now Chris is starting a new business Lakefront Marine Services... I think. And you know how that goes. Wish us luck...we need it!

mindy said...

Good luck! What will Lakefront Marine Services do?

Ah, the chaotic life of an entrepreneur's wife, huh? I hear ya, sister.

andrea said...

they are installing boat lifts on docks