Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Virginia is for Lovers

Well, vacations are crazy aren't they. I have stopped thinking in blog so you are just going to have to bear with me on this one. Let's see...where to start, where to start. I took over 400 pictures. No wonder everyone was getting really annoyed. A few good things did happen, besides the obvious, a few lightbulb moments. One was about preparation. I am now fully converted to the gospel of preparation. On the days that weren't really planned we ended up circling sanity. Making things very interesting to say the least. I also didn't do the best job of packing either comming or going. My mom is having to mail me practically a suitcase back, sorry mom. And I did have a very inventive moment involving Watermelon gum, a map, and a rental car. The interior light would not turn off if I wanted the outside lights of the car on. So this was the result: I came home alone with the kids. So I made a scheduled stop in historic downtown Charlottesville, VA. We stayed for quite a while. It was really fun. I counted at least four different people singing with their guitar cases open for change. People seemed very classically southern (which I love) and were very friendly in that cool artsy kind of way. Cute shops. Good food. Great company.

Today I'm thankful for a break in perspective, something fresh to think about.

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Brother Man said...

classically southern. That's such a great phrase. And so true. I've decided my two favorite places are Winston-Salem and Knoxville. There both very southern towns-clasically southern even-in their own ways. I think Charlotesville and Chapel Hill would both be two very cool southern towns to live in as well.