Monday, August 27, 2007

Penelope the Movie Trailer

Buffy found this. It looks like the cutest movie ever(we hope), but it hasn't come out yet. So sad.

Sam made his top ten movie list on his blog. I started to do mine, but then I realized that I already had them on my profile. Although, I did leave out Empire of the Sun and Gone with the Wind. I also really like Sweet Home Alabama.

While on vacation the girls went and saw Becoming Jane. Buffy and I LOVED it! We went to this cute little theater. The kind that only plays one movie at a time. It even had a balcony. Very cute. It also had Vegan propaganda in the lobby. I (loving anything resembling a magazine) helped myself to a vegan "starter kit", and now I really don't know if I can ever eat chicken again. So sad. The funniest part of the evening was when we put Preston in a van with 5 kids under 5 at bedtime. He was definitley the hero of the night. I wish I had a picture of that. Popo was there at home to help him out and when we called to see how it was going the two year old was feeding the baby a bottle and the older kids were eating shrimp for a bedtime snack. Very funny!

And as for books, I finally finished Great Expectations. I really loved it, LOVED IT! I am waiting for my great expectations. I know exactly what I will do with them. I was inspired on my trip....

Today I'm thankful to be home!

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