Monday, September 24, 2007

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I have tried to keep this blog really positive. Even my sister said, "No one can really be that happy." Usually I am. It's not a lie, but it is skewed towards the good in my life. But things have been kind of rough lately. Which maybe explains my blogging absence. Or is it my lack of blogging that has made things seem a little rough lately.
It's one of those things in really doesn't matter how bad things are, it's all about how you perceive the events in your life and if you are only looking at the negative or if you are looking at all the positive. You just have to give yourself as many positive outlets as possible.
Our friend Holland told us yesterday of a missionary he knew who always added an unexpected bit of gratitude to his prayers. "Like I'm thankful for grasshopper I saw this morning." If you say everyday that you are grateful for your amazing's still always true, but it becomes stale. You have to think of different reasons why. True gratitude comes to life in the specifics. That's my theory. When you give yourself the real reasons ,when you really notice the particulars of WHY you are grateful, then you begin to take notice. Does that make any sense?
I was having one of many bad days last week and two of my best friends that I hadn't talked to in a while called out of the blue. I didn't think a thing of it...until I really did think about it, and how great it was to talk to Trea in particular and what a kindred spirit she is. How much I relate to her and how it makes me feel so much better just to hear her laugh. And how ironic it is that we tend to have the very same problems. And how great it was to hear her exciting news that she is pregnant. All of those specifics make it so much sweeter than just thinking, "I'm grateful for my friends." And when I reflected on those two calls on that day, I began to feel very blessed.

A few silly random things I am grateful for:

Tim Gunn's guide to style....because I seriously need the help.

And the funniest picture ever, I have been laughing for days. It is from The Sartorialist. A great fashion blog.


mindy said...

hey, i just watched Tim Gunn for the first time last week. And it was the one with the mom. And I cried. Boy could I relate to her feelings. But I don't think you seriously need the help. Me, on the other hand.... yikes!

Anonymous said...

Drea, I just love reading your blogs!! I was so excited to see you all on the 15th! I so hope we can get together again on a less crowded day!! I love the way you are always so positive. I believe life is only as bad as you think it is any situation can go either way!! If that makes any sense!! but when have I ever made sense!

Love Ya!


andrea said...

Mindy--I'm right there with you.
Chrissy--Thanks! I had a great time, too. Shay is so cute!