Thursday, September 20, 2007

remember this?

Does remembering a really fun day help on a really stressful day? Actually, today was really fun for a stressful day. Thanks Mandee for taking care of us today.
Today I'm greatful for memories, family, and really great friends!


mandee said...

I found something you might have already seen it, but I thought you would like it. Maybe it will ease the stress.

Brother Man said...

That was a fun day. Thanks for the photos. Sea food is the best thing about living by the beach. We had the annual ward fish fry today, hmmm. A large portion of the ward is one family and they're all commercial fisherman, or boat builders or something like that. And they used to own a sea food restaurant. So you know the food was delicious. Plus I learned how to peel shrimp. And I learned that I don't mind paying extra for already peeled shrimp.

So why was today stressful?