Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Cleaning Therapy

The comments on this post have become a post in their own right. I would love to have more comments on the subject because I am seriously distraught over this matter and I just won't let it die! Check it out here. If you have been reading all the madness, but haven't posted a comment yet. Now is the time! If you aren't a blogger, you can click the 'other' button and type in your name.

Edit: Chickie took this pic of me sweeping her room. I guess I killed the cleaning subject...It's just as well, my lovely neighbor told me "A clean house is a boring life!" She said that is what she did for 35 years to please her she is more lax. I adore her. She is a very sweet woman and a lovely lovely neighbor. And her house is so so cute, basement and all!

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