Friday, September 28, 2007

princess of crazy

OK I'm officially a blogging slacker. I don't know what's up. Life has been a little...a lot crazy lately. Our contract on the house fell through. And we have started showing the house again. I have decided I need to work. So I am going to start teaching ballroom dance lessons on Saturdays and I have been trying to work on getting that started up. It should be fun, all I need are students. :) Wish me luck. Chickie got sick this week and I have been working so hard to get her better. It's so sad. I hate that she may have to miss Ellie's birthday party. Today she seemed back to her old self, but there is still that lingering cough....

Today was really beautiful and we had fun sitting outside enjoying the day. Which reminds me of the day last week, that I didn't blog about. It was another beautiful day and we went on a walk across the street to the part of the park where we can walk to a little produce market. We had fun picking out fruit together. Chickie protested all of my picture taking. Funny! And she made a really funny paper dress for her elephant. This elephant is named Violet, after her very first hair dresser.
Speaking of hairdressing. Chickie likes to play salon a lot and fixes all of our hair. Today she declared herself "Princess of Crazy" after getting and giving some crazy hair. Today I'm thankful for Chickie feeling better.

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