Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Cute Kids

Two cute things each of my kids did today:

Turns out Bentley knows what bobby pins are for. He has been putting them in my hair. And after his bottle I was burping him and he started patting me on the back, too. It was such a sweet little pat. I melted! What a sweetie!

And Chickie made glittery signs to post around the yard for our neighbors to see. She had me write on each one. They say "COMING SOON PIRATE PLAY AT CHICKIE'S HOUSE." I guess I could have taught her how to write that, but I was feeling a little impatient and there were a lot of signs. Her glue stick wasn't working so I volunteered to staple them to the trees for her. And this morning she made a trail of toys to lure Bentley away from the excitement of mom doing the dishes to play with her. Totally worked.

I am SO thankful for my kids!

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