Friday, September 7, 2007

Not so bad day

You know it's going to be a bad day when you find yourself pilfering through your daughter's dress up box in order to get yourself dressed in the morning! I am bound and determined to get my wallet finished! It has been well over a week...I got derailed for a bit with the neighborhood newsletter. So this morning I was trying to get as many hours/minutes as possible dedicated to this project, which meant cutting out hair time. So in order to disguise the grease (eww!), I needed a headband. My daughter has many scarves, most of them used to be they are doing duty as bridal veils, Cinderella aprons, and Mary headdresses. This very inventive look is done with the use of a small floatie, a valentines day pillow case, two headbands and a swaddling blanket. I'm not sure if she was Mary or Maid Marian...either way this kid could rock Project Runway! At any rate, hair semi-under control, I got almost done with my cute wallet.

Nice, right! I look v. pirate -esque.

And, even better news...Chickie is off the waiting list for preschool! Hallelujah! She SO needs it. We go Monday to get her all signed in and meet the teacher! And you know what this means for me...I go from having about 2 hours of alone time every other week to 6 hours every week! That is, provided Bentley keeps up with his regular nap time. I'm gonna get so much done! Or not, either way it's awesome.
Today I'm thankful for preschool, sewing, more house showings, and peanut butter cookies!


Buffy said...

Yea for Chickie! I'm glad she gets to go to school. I don't have really any alone time but it is so much easier just with Malachi. He is so layed back!
Enjoy your FREE time!

Buffy said...

Hey Drea, I just looked on the website for the wallet your making, it is so cute! all the fabric she uses is so cute and I love that she has free patterns too. I might try sewing again when I finish other projects I'm working on.

Rae Allison said...

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