Friday, September 28, 2007

Thanks, Dolly!

OK, I'm just now getting to Wednesday's Dancing with the Stars. And I have to say...I love Dolly Parton. And it wasn't from growing up in her old stomping grounds either. I think it was actually from college road trips with my friend Martha. We would go to Vegas to visit her family and we listened to Jolene over and over again to memorize the words. SO FUNNY! and SO FUN! I miss Martha, she was something else! Actually, now that I think of it I did the same thing with another Dolly song and my friend Cameron. And I love Dolly's new song. So inspiring. I need to take her advice. I feel so lazy lately and I need to get it in gear. Being in Mommy land for so long I forget what it's like to really push myself. Not that being a mom isn't difficult and non stop it's also really fun and vacation like. Going to parks, reading stories, playdates, hanging out with friends granted all the while dealing with the kids. But I am going to have to start working in some way or another but I can't leave my this should be interesting to say the least. I'm thankful for a really tough challenge!

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