Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Day 17: still moving

At this point I'm still driving down the street and loading things into the car.  I thought this load was particularly pretty.
We hung a bunch of pictures today, too.   We made Bentley his own personal art gallery.  It looks pretty funny when I walk in normally, but if I walk in on my knees it looks perfect! 
Did I ever introduce you all to Bentley's new train table?  Chris made it for him on Memorial Day.  We were supposed to go to the lake.  But Chris felt he had to work on the house.  After working in the morning, he came home and spent the rest of the day making this.  It's as big as his bed.  Luckily he really likes cars.  

Today I'm thankful I got 7 things crossed off of my to do list! yay!


Beth said...

I LOVE his train table, I have been looking for one for Abram!! We are past the halfway mark!!

melissa said...

Oh, good luck finishing up your move. So much work!