Friday, July 11, 2008

Day 27: finished project

Cute coasters for silly Bucket Party at our family reunion are finished.  It's one of those white elephant gift games.  This project is also from this book.  Can you tell I'm loving it?  Although, it takes me a lot longer than it does her.  But maybe because I never make just one.  


Kathryn said...

What was with those random comments. I saw them last night.

I think those gifts are a great idea! They look like so much fun.

Oh, I think I just need to call you. I need some sister advice and I also want to give you an update on life and see how life is going for you...with the move and all. Anyway, I miss you tons! I'll call you tomorrow.

mindy said...

those are the cutest stinkin' coasters EVER!!! I need to get that book.

Lori said...

Oooh, look how pretty those are! What did you put between the fabric (if anything)?

andrea said...

Katie--Those random comments were blogger now I have the word verification.

Lori--They have a layer of batting in the middle.

They were a big success at the bucket party!

Katy Beth said...

Hi there! Mandee told me to check out your blog a while back & I never had the chance. Oh my heck, she was right, you're so freaking crafty! Your stuff is so cute! I love the ideas. If only I had the talent to pull it off! haha
Hope this finds you doing well.
Have a great day!