Thursday, July 10, 2008

Day 26: The end of an era

Today was the very last official Edie/Chickie day.  Because next week is our family reunion and the week after that Olivia starts Kindergarten.  
It's been fun!  First thing they do is take off their clothes and put on PJs.  They love pajamas more than I do!  Can you believe that's even possible? 


mandee said...

oh so sweet--i noticed that Olivia is starting school, not chickie! another era ending? I can't imagine that really happening!

andrea said...

I'm starting to come to terms that her real name is actually very pretty. Yes, sad. And this morning at Olympia I restrained myself from telling her that it was her last time as a regular in the nursery. I need help!

Anonymous said...

So sad, Andrea! Our little girls are getting all grown up!
-Sarah B