Wednesday, July 30, 2008

happy dance

Try as I might, I have been continually unsuccessful in uploading these two videos from YouTube.
So you will just have to go over there and check them out yourself.

THIS makes me giddy!  You know all of those things I was complaining about yesterday?  Well this makes it all better!  It's Bentley's favorite song, too.  We put on our most brightly colored clothes and dance around the house like the happiest people in the world!

And THIS!  Seriously?  "Chickens just back from the shore" has to be one of the best lyrics of all time right next to "new chicken clucking open hearts and ears"  which is from a song by the Weepies, gotta have you. 
Any other great chicken songs out there?  Hmmm, I wonder...

In other news, Chris has been teaching me some new choreography which has been fun and challenging.  And  the chairs are coming along. It's a relaxing project at this point.  Just taking out all the nails and staples is quite the task.  But we had really nice weather last week, and if I work on it after running or dancing I don't even mind the extra humidity.

I am grateful for ice cream, fun music, and The Star Garden (and Chris for hunting it down for me!)


One Happy Family said...

I love how Sesame Street alters the songs to make them educational. My personal favorite is James Blunt singing "My Triangle". Hilarious! Glad you and Bentley found something to dance to.

mindy said...

i loooooove Feist! I hadn't seen that Sesame Street one before--that's awesome! I'm going to post it on my blog today!

Oh, to paste a youtube video in, just click on the stuff in the "embed" box on the youtube page to copy it, then be sure you are in "edit Html" mode in Blogger, then just paste the copied text directly in. That should work.

Beth said...

Sesame Street is the best!! That made me so happy!! I wrote a shout out to you on my blog. I went to see Mama Mia and it made me miss you!!!