Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Day 25: the perfect day for a thunderstorm

A view of our living room.  Forts included.
Don't you want to kiss them?   Sweet baby feet.
This is what I worked on.

Today, I'm thankful for thunderstorms, rain, and bed time.


mandee said...

I will not give up!! I will prevail!!! What is all that yummy fabric? Looks like fun!

mindy said...

are you making a quilt? i really want to learn how to sew a quilt, but i'm completely intimidated.

One Happy Family said...

I enjoyed the thunderstorms yesterday too.

Wow! You are much better at getting settled in a new home than me. I thought because all of our boxes were out of the house I was doing good. However, I see you already have pictures on the wall... I've yet to get ours all up. I take forever doing this because once they're up, that's where they'll stay.

andrea said...

Oh, sorry! I ordered fabric for curtains in chickie's room. Half of it got here yesterday. Very exciting. The other half is on backorder which is a bummer, because it wasn't when I ordered it.

Right now I'm working on top secret Bucket Party gifts for our family reunion coming up next week. Not a quilt though. I'm still quilting on my star quilt. Kind of off and on.

I will show the finished product and explain the bucket party later!!

You know what I think looks fun Mindy, is a dear Jane quilt. Each block is different. So it looks like the kind of project that would be fun for those of us who like small projects, but then when you are finally done making all the blocks you can make a beautiful quilt.